Email-hide is a simple solution to Email Address Harvesting.

Many spammers run harvesting bots, which scour the web for any email addresses they can find. Once they have found your address, you will they might use it to send you unpleasant spam emails, or they may sell your address to other spammers who will then spam you mercilessly.

A common solution to this problem is to type addresses like so:

The problem with this solution is clear: it is ugly, and it prevents users from copying and pasting the address easily. It might not even be immediately clear to some users that this is an address!

But email-hide provides a solution:

With email-hide, you can type your email addresses like so:

Email-hide will automatically find this address once the page has loaded, and reformat the address to look like a regular email address! Simple, right?

Email-hide even has formatting for mailto links. Type the link with (@) and (.) formatting, and add the class 'email-hide-mailto' to the link.

To include email-hide in your page, simply add the following line to the end of your HTML content: